Friday, February 3, 2012


I'm both smitten and amused by these monochrome wall decals from ferm LIVING:

Image : ferm LIVING

Images : ferm LIVING 1 / 2
Edit: Those knit poufs in the above-right image are rather attention-grabbing, no? I'm pretty sure they are the same ones as these from CB2. ferm living also has square ones.

Images : ferm LIVING 1 / 2

I love the silhouettes' playfulness and simplicity, each one evoking a certain memory or association. The birds sitting on power lines could be music notes on a scale. The tree branch is reminiscent of my mother's favorite tree, the patchy sycamore (or plane tree). The 'hydrangias' actually look more like weeds that used to give me awful allergies... I like the idea of trapping them harmlessly on the wall (take that, pollen!).

There's also the nerdy part of me, analyzing how the sharp contrast between wall and decal stimulates our brains on a cellular level. Your visual cortex automatically approves.

[Local to Bay Area and Krakow : ferm LIVING products can be found in 9 different stores in San Francisco, 2 stores in San Jose, one store in Oakland .... and also one store in Katowice, near Krakow, Poland. See Store Locator.]

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