Friday, February 10, 2012

Ancient Wool

[Local Bay Area company: Peace Industry, based in San Francisco, workshop in Turkey]

These beautiful, natural, chemical-free felt rugs look and sound too good to be true... yet here they are. The felting method by which they're made goes back to neolithic times in Central Asia, and was on the verge of obscurity when the duo behind Peace Industry revitalized it and brought it into the international market. Check the About section on Peace Industry's website for the inspiring story of their work, and in the meantime enjoy their handmade primitive-turned-modern designs:

Images : Peace Industry Collection

This kind of textile really strengthens the case for having only hardwood or tile floors in homes, partially covered with natural-fiber rugs and never permanent carpeting. If I ever get to build my dream house or dream cabin, at least one of these rugs will have to find its way in. Oh and those two snuggly pups below are more than welcome, too.

Images : Peace Industry Collection

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