Thursday, January 26, 2012

Mad for Mint

Mint in herb form has been my beloved go-to tea leaf for as long as I can remember. Mint in color form, on the other hand, has never gotten much of my attention. I never considered it as much of a wardrobe option, nor as a potential wall color. It was usually waved off as one of those 'pastel baby colors', or worse, reminiscent of toothpaste and dentists. Yet now, suddenly, I can't get enough. Mint has managed to sneak its way into my consciousness, spawning a full-blown infatuation with all things minty (including its siblings, sage and turquoise). Maybe it's a longing for real crisp winter weather, or maybe it's a memory of azure waters in the Virgin Islands which I visited a few weeks ago. 

Either way, Mint is surely proving to have great potential as a decorative element, adding both freshness and serenity to a room or an outfit. 

Minty home
Images from House to Home, clockwise from upper left : 1 / 2 / 3 / 4

Minty decor, including a lovely paper cut-out from Poland (lower right)
Images clockwise from upper left : domesticcharm / anthropologie / bialakura / dahlhaus via room6 

Dressing for chilly weather
Images from Anthropologie : 1 / 2

 Or for warm weather (ps: if you haven't noticed, mint gets along well with red and coral)
Images Clockwise from left : Doo.Ri spring 2012 rtw via / Dariami / Anthropologie

Mint is surprisingly versatile. It's lovely with warm tones, like light wood or shades of red, but also complements a cool gray or slate. It is at once both wintry and summery, soothing and stimulating.
And if that still isn't enough... go get yourself a bowl of mint chocolate chip ice cream. Yum.

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