Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Light Years

These lamps by Danish design company Light Years have been floating around in my mind for several days, and I'm trying to figure out why. What exactly makes them so memorable, aside from the beautiful styling and photography (by Yellows Photography, also Danish)? At first glance they're very plain and simple, no bells or whistles, nothing particularly striking or surprising.
But I'm thinking that's exactly the point. In the absence of distractions you get to see the 'soul', the essence of that lamp. The designer's intention and flawless execution are glaringly obvious, down to every detail. 

^ Ok, really, who can resist a mini version of something?

^ This one reminds me of falling asleep in class...

Oversized shiny black lamps make a pretty bold statement, but could fit gracefully into an industrial-style setting. I'd save the dreamy matte-finish cloche lamps for more homey decor. 

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